That Odd Mom is Taking an Extended Break

Next month will mark seven years since I started documenting our crazy homeschool life on Home School Tweet. It wasn't my first blog, but it would be the one that stuck...the one that morphed into so much more than education, becoming That Odd Mom. While it has never catapulted me into a cushy work-at-home income, like so many bloggers that started the same time as me, this little space on the web is special to me. I've met so many amazing people along the way, sharing their journies and friendship. 

My goal for this year was to continue to grow That Odd Mom into a safe place for mom's to discuss life without fearing judgment. I had grand plans and spent many hours planning out what I hoped would be a warm, funny, and inclusive community. Now, I've teetered back and forth for weeks, trying to decide if I should just let it all go. Every time I log on and glance at my email or the neglected editorial calendar, I realize I have absolutely no desire to follow through on any of it right now. 

My heart and mind just are not here right now. My focus is on my family, in particular, my son. If you are not sure what is going on, I shared a bit here "I Put on My Big Girl Panties...but It's Not Enough," but here is a quick timeline of events/update.

April 2017 - He suddenly developed eczema and we had to eliminate peanut butter and soy.

May 2017 - Developed a bright red/painful rash after eating pizza, strangely followed by dish soap.

June 2017 - He collapsed and was out for at least 30 seconds, with what appeared to be a seizure. 

June/July 2017 - Now has a painful burning reaction to ALL soap, still can't eat pizza, peanut butter or soy. He has dizzy spells daily, increased headaches, is fatigued, and has been experiencing almost daily chest pains. 

We've had an EKG and EEG done which came back great. Now we wait on a precautionary MRI, an appointment back at the family doctor, and have to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist. 

At this point, I have NO clue why all of this happening. What I do know is that something isn't right and until I know he is OKAY, and we can get everything back to normal again, I just can't focus on anything else. 

So, for now...maybe forever...That Odd Mom is taking an extended break. If/when I find the passion and mindset to come back and devote the time to reach my goals here, I will. For now, have a great summer Odd Moms!