The Days are Sucking the Life Out of Me

The grown-up part of me knows how important routines are, but I have to start by saying, I am failing miserably on the routine front right now! We took off a few weeks from any schooling over the holidays and then we all got sick. Getting back into our normal groove has been rough.   

We all know that routines are necessary evils in our days. Just like we know the sun is going to rise and set, we know we are going to do set task every day. For many of us, when we fall out of our routine we can feel lost, frazzled, drained, unhappy and stressed. These feelings are amplified for those on the Autism spectrum, who rely on routine to ground everything around them with some sort of logic. 

I'm currently on guard 24/7, waiting for the next big meltdown because I know it's coming. I know it's coming because there isn't a rhythm in our home right now. Matt is stressed, I get stressed and then we just implode and explode simultaneously; starting again the next day.

No one is happy at the end of the day and it certainly isn't healthy to feel so stressed out and on edge all of the time.

Again, routines are important for stress-free days. I know this, but it's likely going to take hitting publish on this post to give me the kick in the butt I need to find the balance in our days again.

I know what the problem is. There is no rhyme or reason to our mornings. I know the kids are more interested and focused on learning in the afternoon, so most days we don't  start any homeschool activities until around lunch time. 

That leaves the morning as a free for all for everyone. This is where the chaos begins.

The logical little fairy on left shoulder says I should plan some sort of fun activities for each morning, so they know something is coming each day and that sense of routine is restored. The exhausted mombie fairy on the shoulder says she's f'n crazy to think we won't get burnt out two weeks in.

Somewhere in there, some balance lies. I'm thinking it lies somewhere in the Waldorf  grass, but we all know the grass is always greener. So for now, the plan is to lock myself away from everyone for a few hours this weekend, free-write (a much-needed brain vomit session) and brainstorm ideas about how we can get a morning routine back. 

Hopefully, I come out prepared to tackle the problem on Monday morning and we can ease back into a minimal meltdown zone. If not, I'm going to have a glass of wine, get my woo-sah on and remind myself that we are shitty at one thing or another when it comes to parenting. 

This just might be my thing.