Updating Our Families Purpose Statement

Every one has a purpose in life. Your purpose might revolve around your faith, family or career, but if you take the time examine what you want from life, you will find your purpose. 

I created our first family purpose statement in 2011 and updated it for the fist time last December. As our family has grown our statement has grown and this past week I sat down to examine just what it is I want for family again.

Stopping and really thinking about what I want out of this life I have been given isn't always easy. Some moments you feel so consumed with muchness around you that you forget to focus on what is important.

This go round was particularly hard because when I thought ahead to where I see our family in 10 and 30 years, I had to think about my children as adults and my husband and myself at the "retirement" age. Those are some pretty scary thoughts!

I'm not ready to envision my babies out on their own, living their own lives and starting to focus on their own purpose statements. I'm not ready to think about myself at 63 years of age, because that means thinking about a life without many family members that I won't want to say goodbye too.

But, if I want to get the most out out of this life that has been given to me, I need to live each day with a purpose and I need to be clear what that purpose is. To truly understand what you want out of life means thinking about the hard things, so I did.


As a family, our purpose is to appreciate every breath of air, morsel of food, beautiful flower, experience and opportunity provided to us as we take our journey through life. 

Our home will always be comfortable, inviting and a place the lifts your spirits. It will be full of love and laughter; a place where a visitor can feel at home.

We will be kind and compassionate. You never know when a king word or smile can make a world of difference in someone’s day.

We will always work with purpose and passion; taking time to embrace each other’s passions even if they are not our own.

We will remember to be compassionate, understanding and kind. Even when we are not happy with each other or even when we may not like each other, we will remember to communicate, making sure no one is feels left out or left behind.

We will set out to try new things and embrace the chances presented to us, not letting fear of the unknown rob of us of the unique experiences the world has to offer.

We will care for the earth and our community as we care for ourselves, remembering that our actions impact so many more than those in our immediate reach.

We will remember that often times, less is more.

We will not want for more than we need and embrace the simple things that life has to offer.

We will be life-long learners, knowing that no dream is unworthy and we are never too old to try to achieve them.

We will always be family, ready to laugh together and cry together.

We will find light, in even the darkest of nights.

Above all, we will value love, understanding, patience and forgiveness above all else.

If you've ever thought about having a family purpose statement or simplifying your life I highly suggest you pick up a copy of Organized Simplicity. I've had mine since 2011 and it has been well loved.

Tsh helps you to realize what a simple life for your family means and gives realistic steps and ideas for you to follow to help you live the way want to.

Not only are you organize your home and decluttering along the way, but you are organizing and decluttering your life; picking out the things that are truly meaningful to you and your family and placing the focus on them.

You can also head over to Tsh's blog (my has it grown and evolved over the years) The Art of Simple and soak up all of the goodness.


Do you have a family purpose statement, if not, have you ever thought about writing one?