Vaccinations - What Makes One Life More Valuable than Another?

I've seen a growing trend in pro-vaccination propaganda in the last few weeks. I've read over and over how I MUST vaccinate my child to protect the life of a child, whom for whatever reason, has a compromised immune system. If I do NOT, I am horrible person for putting those other children at risk.

I ask you this, what makes those children's lives more valuable than my own children? How is right to demand me to inject over 50 shots full of chemicals, animal tissue and live viruses into my child's bloodstream?

Yet, this this the growing demand of many as the media puts the pressure on non-vaccinating parents using the latest Enterovirus D68 and Ebola as their strong arm of fear.

My biggest fear stemming from this new uproar, isn't that someone will force me to vaccinate my children, it is that so many people are willing to give up their parental rights and even their own rights as to how they care for THEIR body. They are willing to put their faith in the hands of medical society and government that has been shown time and time again to omit the truth when it suits their agenda and lines their pockets.

As you continue to demand forced vaccination, I leave you with this question to ponder.

Imagine you were told

"Children with severe food allergies will only ever be safe if we remove the allergens completely. No family should be able to purchase products containing nuts, dairy, shellfish, wheat or eggs. This must be done to keep the other children safe. It should not be an option."

Would you happily comply and switch to limited a diet, that may not benefit the health of your child, in order to make sure all children were safe? Would you be willing to give up your freedom to choose what you consume because it doesn't benefit the community as a whole?


On Monday, PopSugar Moms presented a poll to their readers along with article, "Most Americans Think Unvaccinated Children Should Be Banned From Schools."

The poll ask "Should Unvaccinated Children Be Banned From Public Schools?" with the biased choices of "Yes — It keeps other students safe." and "No — It punishes them for a decision they didn't make."

(Stating that a child is being "punished" because they cannot attend public school is a whole other blog post.)

Currently the "Yes" is winning with 64% of the vote and as usual, the heated debated taking place in the comments. 

The following is just on of the comments from pro-vaccination side.

“Diseases that are non-life-threatening for YOUR children doesn’t take into account the fact that those diseases my be life-threatening for OTHER children (or adults). Vaccination is for the safety of the population, not the individual. Herd immunity protects everyone, especially the most vulnerable” Vaccines shouldn’t be optional.

PopSugar also shared this post on their Facebook page, where I had the pleasure of reading this in the comments.

"I would rather my child have autism than not vaccinate."

Again, another topic for another day, but a line that reminds that those who don't live in the world of Autism really have NO clue!!