Cooking Collards on New Years


A How-To in Haikus

This my friends is what happens when you’ve had too many cold meds, not enough sleep and are bored while prepping your traditional New Year’s Day meal.

It’s not pretty, increased my crazy level by at least 50 points, but here it is!

Heat up a large pot

Add some meat, hog jowls are best

Cook until crispy


A little water now

Unless you want it bitter

Simmer while you chop


First, mince some onion

Garlic and red pepper too

Add them too the pot


Time to wash your greens

Unless bug protein is cool

Don’t forget to stir


Roll the greens tightly

Slice thinly for tender bites

Toss them in the pot


Add some paprika

Red pepper flakes, for a zing

Salt and pepper too


Vinegar is nice

Just a splash is all you need.

Give them a quick toss


Now they need to cook

Patient, you must be all day

Then it’s time to eat

Now I’m going to retreat for more meds and a nap . Happy New Year to all!