It’s a New Year and I’ve Found a New Way to Waste My Time


A PSA for Movie and TV lovers!

I’m a planner and a list maker. I don’t always follow through with those plans, or check off the list — still I compulsively make them. In fact, unlike most people who’ve probably been sound asleep after ringing in the New Year, I’ve making list like a mad woman all morning, and I’m on track to waste the whole first day of the year doing so.


What list are these you ask? List of movies and TV shows. All the ones I’m currently watching, want to watch now that we have decent internet, ones that won’t even be out until 2021, and the long list of those of those I’ve watched in the past. All thanks to the fact that I came across the lovely little website known as


Not only do they let me keep up with all things TV and movies, but they let me track what I own, what’s coming on soon on a personalized calendar, and where I can watch all of the things (and there are so many things) on my various watch list.


I currently have all my list set to private, so you can’t view them…I’m a perfectionist you know I’ve just embarked on this great adventure. But, I’ll tell you how I’ve divided up future binge sessions. All but the main watchlist, that is. But, you can go start your own obsessive plunge into list making and follow me.


  • The Main Watchlist — all of the movies and TV shows premiering this year that have piqued my interest.

  • TV or DVR — current shows that I watch via our Satellite service

  • Netflix — All the shows I want to watch or are currently watching.

  • Hulu — All the shows I want to watch or are currently watching.

  • Amazon — All the shows I want to watch or are currently watching.

  • Waiting on a New Season — Shows like Game of Thrones, Into the Badlands and Victoria live here.

  • For the Kids — Shows or movies that I’ve come across that I think the kids would enjoy (but mom’s really not that into,) like Just Add Magic season 2 for oldest daughter.

  • Movies on Netflix — Mostly family movie night pics.

  • Movies on TV — Movies on my list that are available through the premium movie channels right now.

  • Movies to Rent or Save for LaterNewish releases that I’ll either cave and rent or move to another list later on when pop up for free.

  • Maybe One Day — TV Shows and movies that I kind of want to see, but not until I’ve gone until a full vegetative state crossing off the rest of the list.

  • Fav Movies — The ones that I never get tired of watching. The are the entertainment equivalent of comfort food.

  • Movies Past 2018 — All the things they are tormenting me with even though the release is nowhere in sight.

  • Own but Haven’t Watched Yet — The list that reminds me I’m slacking!


This doesn’t even include my watched list in my history, where I’m slowly checking off all of the shows and movies I’ve seen, mostly just those that I’ve enjoyed at this time.


Speaking of the things I’ve watched. There was a bit of a learning curve for me in realizing that when I marked something as watched, it was saying I watched it that day. So…if you look it seems like I’ve done some serious binging…like she must have a time travel magic sort binging…recently.




So I’ve started just marking things as watched on the release date rather than attempting to remember when I actually might have watched something and picking the exact date. So no, I didn’t go see the original Star Wars in years before I was even born, but this is the best fix I found for now.


Before you come waste your day away with me, there are few things I’ve noticed that you should know:

  • There are ads…but you can pay for VIP service for $30 a year that will not only ditch the adds, but also has other features like filtering searches, calendar notifications and a year in review.

  • The site gives you some suggested shows and movies, but I wish it did more. In the meantime, you can peruse the many public list to find old loves and new stuff to watch.

  • I’m not being paid to promote this site and from what I can tell there is no referral or affiliate program. I am gaining nothing from luring you in. Enjoy!