Stop and Smell the Babies

The goodies

The goodies

This story is brought to you by Baby Dove. Free product was provided to facilitate a review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Oh, that baby smell, I just love it.

There are a lot of things about babies that I love: the chubby legs, the bouncy cheeks, the first tooth smiles, tickles and giggles. But one of my favorite things has to be that baby smell.

Look at all that yummy chub

Look at all that yummy chub

It brings out the creep in me as I often catch myself indiscriminately sniffing my baby. (It’s okay because I’m his mom, right?) My first child is no longer a baby and has long lost that fresh baby smell which has made me even more feverish in my adoration of it. I’m a glutton for snuggles and sniffs — especially after a nice bath. You can find me nose deep in my baby’s neck, soaking up that new human scent.

When I got some of Dove’s new baby care products freebies, I was pretty excited because hey, it was free, I love trying new things, and giving the baby baths. Actually, I just love baths —  I am a big bath bomb addict myself. Warm water, good smells, clean skin, these are building blocks for a good night. But, I have to admit, I am a difficult customer when it comes to baby products. Yes, I want that clean soap smell but for the love of God, please do not cover up that baby smell. I need that natural baby odor to come through. None of this perfumed baby nonsense for me. Perfume is for when they are stinky teenagers, guys.

The bottle also makes a great bath toy

The bottle also makes a great bath toy

I have been using the new Dove line for over a month and I am all about it. The tip to toe wash also bubbles a bit — double use, people! I am a penny pincher when it comes to nonessentials. If a body wash works as a bubble bath, shampoo, and soap that’s a triple win for me. Everything is gentle, subtly scented so that you can still smell that perf baby smell. All the better for sniffing, snuggling, and kissing. The stuff smells really good —  so good, in fact, I use it on my 5 year old (and myself a few times.) She’s not a “baby” but she will always be my baby. 

It’s funny how something as silly as new soap reminds me to just breathe and take in the small, little moments that are so easy to take for granted. My daughter leans up against me in pajamas as we read her bedtime story. Later, with my baby asleep on my chest, I nuzzle his soft hair. It’s silly that baby wash reminded me to take a moment to soak it all in — this beautiful, messy, wonderful thing called life. Soak it all in, sniff it all in, snuggle it all in. And even on the days that are just messy —  the days I might yell or lose my patience, the days where something breaks, rips, spills— at night we wash away the dirt of the day and start fresh. And that’s something to be thankful for.

About Baby Dove & #RealMoms

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